Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomorrow's the Big Day

Haunting Words to Inspire Every Teacher

I just read the above blog post.  OK... now I feel bad about my whiny post from 2 days ago.  I already felt kinda bad directly after writing it, and now I'm debating removing the post out of embarrassment.  I won't, though, because I do actually feel that way a lot of the time and because I do think that teachers should be valued more and paid more.

However, I'd like to thank Marilyn Rhames and her colleague for reminding me that I always need to consider my impact on the lives of my students when making decisions - including the decision to complain about my career choice.

I start back to school tomorrow, after spending the summer time home with my family.  Of course, it's bittersweet.  Now that I have a family,  I'm not the same teacher who can spend every waking moment thinking about how to improve my lesson plans, tracking methods, and homework return rate.  I've had to strike a balance.  I am excited, though, to begin the school year anew - to have a chance to act on the ideas to improve my teaching that I was too lazy to implement in the last few months of last school year. It's great to have the summer off from work, but it's almost equally great to have this fresh start every school year.  A real chance to make changes in the way things are done.  I don't think other jobs provide such an obvious opportunity for reflection and improvement.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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