Saturday, August 6, 2011

A-F grading scale in place of NCLB

Jeb Bush to Duncan: Set High Bar for State NCLB Waivers

The above-linked article discusses Jeb Bush's former Florida policy to grade schools A - F rather than using just the current pass/fail designations of NCLB.  New Mexico is one of the states that has agreed to use the A-F scale and which is working on a waiver to use the scale in place of federal AYP.

The positives: A-F is slightly more nuanced than pass/fail.  That's the only positive that I see so far...
It's possible that more will go into the grades that just a schools standards based test scores.  That would be great.  Things like student and parent satisfaction with the school.  Otherwise, it seems to me that test scores aren't very different from the status quo.  If they're just another way to display state test scores without actually doing anything to help schools improve those scores, then I don't see the point.

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